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This  is a private gym focused on everyone achieving their fitness goals.  And we have something for everyone at all levels, along with a  focus strongman/strongwoman and functional fitness.  If you are looking to step out of the box and take your strength to the Next Level, call to get started today.  

Crossroads 2 Strongman Event Oct 6 @ 11:00 am



2018 Membership to United States Strongman required for each participant.  Membership application available on the USS website or at the Strasburg event for $20.

Please use Paypal (send friends and family!) to purchase if possible.  Option 2 -entry  fee for $60 for EARLY BIRD! After Sept 1st entry will cost you $80. After Sept 10th entry will be $100. No Entries will be accepted After September 20th. Your entry can be mailed to Next Level Strength Gym 2301 S Banker St. Suite F Effingham, IL 62401 If paying by mail, print entry form on United States Strongman website, note shirt size on the form, and mail with check to the above address.

Early Bird registration prices good thru September 1st, 2018.

*** Event #1 Log Press for reps 

Most reps in 60 sec cap wins.

All Novice LW & MW & Teen Women 75 lb log, All HW & SHW Novice women 105 lb log. All LW & MW Open Women on 115 lb log. Masters Women on 105 lb log. All HW & SHW Open Women on 125 lb log.

All LW & MW novice & teen men 150 lb log. All HW & SHW novice men & Masters 50+ on 170 lb log. All LW & MW Open men & Masters LW HW on 190 lb log. All HW & SHW men 220lb log.

LOG Sizes are as follows:

10” steel log for all Teen, Novice Men and Women (Open and Novice) and all Masters 50+ 

All Open Men and Masters LW & HW Men on 12” Steel Log

*** Event #2 Farmers Carry

50 Foot straight run, fastest time wins

All Novice & teen women @ 130 lbs per hand

All Masters women @ 160 lbs per hand

All LW & MW Open women @ 160 lbs per hand. All HW SHW Open women @ 175 lbs per hand.

All Novice LW MW & teen men at 200 per hand

All Novice HW SHW Masters 50+ 225 lbs per hand

All open Men and Masters Men LW & Masters Men HW @ 250 lbs per hand

Implements will vary and DO not ask me size of handle questions…train to excel not manipulate

*** Event #3 Sandbag Carry , 

50 feet down and 50 feet back, fastest to complete carry in 60 second cap wins.

All Novice & teen Women 100 lb bag

All Open Women and Masters Women 150 lb bag

All Novice Men & Masters 50+ on 150 lb bag

Open LW & MW & Masters LW & HW Men 200 lb bag

All HW and SHW Open Men on 230 lb bag

Could be Cerberus or Ironmind bags used, but most of ours are Cerberus

*** Event #4 Max Silver Dollar Deadlift

Silver Dollars will be set at around 18” height. Plan is all Novice Men, All Women and all Masters 50+ on Texas power bar and All Open Men & Masters LW & HW on Texas Deadlift Bar 

You have 3 attempts at max with Wessels Rule (you miss you are out) Weights will auction off starting at implement weight of 100lbs empty for the deadlift with 20 lb minimum jumps.

Biggest PULL Wins.

*** Event #5 Max Stone Load

Women will load to approx. height of 46 inches and Men to approx. height of 50 inches with 3 attempts at a max stone load. Wessels Rule applies (you miss you are out).

Biggest Load Wins.

Weights and adjustments to exact rules are subject to change up until the start of the event

Crossroads 2 Online Entry


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

October 6th at 11:00 am